Music to the EYES.

Frankly speaking, if there is a genre of movie that bores me, it is MUSICAL. Well, I don't know why it gives me a drowsy feeling, that feeling that you could have just watch Eat Bulaga in the television as compared to watching an hour length of Musical movie. Or maybe because it's the song choice. Because you see, I often wonder, instead of having the character say his/her lines in a normal manner, he should sing it instead.
The first musical movie I watched was the Phantom of the Opera. Yes the movie is a bit boring but because all the songs there that was performed in the movie was the songs that were played on our JS (Junior-Senior) Prom. So basically our Prom Dance Instructor asked us to watch the said movie. I had also watched High School Musical several years ago, and it did not struck me. It's an ugly movie, no offense to the fans.

Recently I have watched the movie Les Miserables, a novel written by the genius Victor Hugo. COnsidered as one of the greatest novels in that time. Moving forward with the movie, the movie started with Hugh Jackman's character (Jean Valjean) who was prisoned for several years because he stole a bread for his sister's hungry children then he was given a parole then he broke it and the rest is history. Singing and drama coincides that movie. I believe I slept for almost 30 minutes in the middle of the movie. Which is expected from me since it is a musical.

But guessed what?! There is this one musical movie, I had watch for 3 times already. The movie is fresh, the selection of music is amazing and current so the bottom line is the movie is entertaining. The movie is entitled PITCH PERFECT. The movie is about a girl named Beca ,who was portrayed by Anna Kendrick, forced by his father to go to college and later joined a musical singing group who competes in a musical event with their rival male counterparts.

The movie is funny, well I guess so, since I was never put to sleep. From Kelly Clarkson's popular hit " Since U been Gone" to Sia's "Titanium", the playlist is completely unexceptional. Speaking of Movie OST, I suggest you to watch WARM BODIES, the playlist is superb. I even downloaded all songs included on the movie. I always believe that a good movie should have a good soundtrack. Going back to the movie Pitch Perfect, personally i am hoping for a sequel. I hope there will be one. I truly suggest that you watch Pitch Perfect and maybe you'll also appreciate musical movies. From a hater to a follower. See you next post!

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