Where are these kids?

Residents of Barangay Wawa Taguig City are still looking for 2 children that was still missing since last week. Some thought that the kids were abducted and became a victim of child trafficking. The hopes are still high for the parents of the missing children.
Dayne Buenaflor, 3, and James Naraga, 4 were last seen playing with the other children in front of the barangay hall in Wawa, Taguig City. And some witness told the news that these kids were found wandering the streets. The relatives were alarmed when some of the bystanders who last saw these kids said that they were snatched by people in a van on C6 Road.

I am a resident of this city, and Barangay Wawa is a stone's throw to our house. Let's just pray that these kids will be found safe.
The families of these young angels took the extra miles of searching their child by posting flyers on the missing children in several towns, and even published them on facebook.


"This should be a warning to all parents out there, to watch or monitor their child closely especially the young ones. We should never left them on the road. Anything could happen. "

You can call these numbers below, for any information of the whereabouts of these children. 0926-3868241, 0935-6034803, 0908-9764090 and 8385383.
And PLEASE avoid fooling the parents of these children by texting them and asking for an amount of money or even asking them to share a load for them to bring their child back. Remember KARMA is a bitch. You don't want these things to happen on your children or any members of your family.


The HEAT is on.

I know! I too, can feel the heat in every layers of my skin. What's happening? I mean c'mon if it continues to be this hot everyday, I won't get surprised if one day our hair is burning with flame. As early as 9 am, the heat of the sun damps on our bare skin, in return we are profusely sweating and it disgusts us, it makes us irritated. Lucky for you who is inside an airconditioned unit, free from the burning sensation of the sun.
So basically what do we usually do in times like this. Oh yes, SLEEP. But sometimes even our sleeping pattern is affected because of the heat. Most of us takes advantage of the climate, we usually spend our days in resorts, in pools where we just want to swim or dive in the water for the sake of refreshment. Top it up with a cold soda or juice to quench our thirst as a result of that warmth feeling. Well each of us has a unique way of making ourselves at ease because of this summer heat as long as it will make us feel relieved and stressed free then that's absolutely fine.
Just some reminders because let's be realistic, this heat, is not healthy for us. We should take precautionary measures to avoid heat-caused injuries or worst heat strokes. First we have to know who are at risk?
1. People who are over 60 years old
2. Pregnant and infant babies
3.People with medical illness ( high blood presuure )

Signs that an individual could be suffering from heat stroke are high temperature, red and hot skin, rapid pulse and dizziness that could lead to faintness.

Of course, there are several ways to prevent heat stroke. The most important is DRINKING 8 glasses of water then Stay cool and keep air circulating around you. Since we don't want to perspire that much, I suggest you to wear light clothing. When leaving your house do not forget to put sun screen lotions as it protects you from the the harmful UV rays that can cause some skin cancers.
Basically that's it, we just have to be very careful and prepared. Let us enjoy summer without getting hurt or getting sick. Thanks for reading my post for today.

Expecting an Iphone 5s.

It has a become a tradition of Apple that when they do an update of their new phone, they place an S after the phone name. We've seen it in the Iphone 3G then it was upgraded to the 3Gs, then the Apple Iphone 4 that was upgraded and developed to the Apple Iphone 4s with newly added features like the Siri and some modifications on the specs but the feel and look is the same.
So when the Apple Iphone 5 was released few months ago, speculations and rumors fly down on the streets of geekazoids that an Iphone 5s could be in the making. I was never a fan of the Apple Iphone, though for the sake of having one and experiencing the power of Apple in your bare hands, I personally purchased an Iphone 4. Well there are some things I did love when I am still using an Iphone. One would be the availability of apps. The apps are way cooler than the Android apps, the interface is so simple and elegant, the phone was fast not laggy but I just hate using an IOS software for a phone although once you jailbreak an Iphone you can fully customize the whole interface from editing icons to the downloading those pricey apps. Then I was not contented, I upgraded my iphone 4 to the Iphone 4s this time I puchased the white version for me to look RICH. lol. I know the reason sounds more than pure stupidity. Well, anyways I got bored and the saying Once you go Mac you'll never go back didn't have that much effect on me so i went back to Android. lol. Since the rise of the Iphone 5, a lot of tech reviewers gave some bad impressions with the said device. i can't blame them, the Iphone 5 did not struck me that much.

So Apple basically is on their seats right now preparing their ass for the launching of their next flagship phone. Rumors have said that it'll be named the Iphone 5s which will be released June this year.
Many have expressed their wishes or their point of views of what should be the features of the next iphone for them to beat the Samsung Galaxy s4. I had my own personal list of what should we see on their next phone.
First would be it's display, I am hoping for a more dense and brilliant display since HTC ONE had released their ultrapixel device. Next is the camera, I am hoping that the Iphone 5s will mount an awesome 13 megapixel with new effects. Sony Experia Z and the Galaxy S4 does have a 13 mp camera. I believe that those camwhores and those amateur photographers would be really happy. Wireless charging for the 5s would be a game changer if they decide to use that technology in their phone. Apple filed a patent application last month for Wireless Power Utilization, a wireless charging system with near-field magnetic resonance.

Those are my expectations and needless to say my blog will keep you updated with the latest and the juciest news about the next Iphone. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. Smile. :)