Where are these kids?

Residents of Barangay Wawa Taguig City are still looking for 2 children that was still missing since last week. Some thought that the kids were abducted and became a victim of child trafficking. The hopes are still high for the parents of the missing children.
Dayne Buenaflor, 3, and James Naraga, 4 were last seen playing with the other children in front of the barangay hall in Wawa, Taguig City. And some witness told the news that these kids were found wandering the streets. The relatives were alarmed when some of the bystanders who last saw these kids said that they were snatched by people in a van on C6 Road.

I am a resident of this city, and Barangay Wawa is a stone's throw to our house. Let's just pray that these kids will be found safe.
The families of these young angels took the extra miles of searching their child by posting flyers on the missing children in several towns, and even published them on facebook.


"This should be a warning to all parents out there, to watch or monitor their child closely especially the young ones. We should never left them on the road. Anything could happen. "

You can call these numbers below, for any information of the whereabouts of these children. 0926-3868241, 0935-6034803, 0908-9764090 and 8385383.
And PLEASE avoid fooling the parents of these children by texting them and asking for an amount of money or even asking them to share a load for them to bring their child back. Remember KARMA is a bitch. You don't want these things to happen on your children or any members of your family.

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