The HEAT is on.

I know! I too, can feel the heat in every layers of my skin. What's happening? I mean c'mon if it continues to be this hot everyday, I won't get surprised if one day our hair is burning with flame. As early as 9 am, the heat of the sun damps on our bare skin, in return we are profusely sweating and it disgusts us, it makes us irritated. Lucky for you who is inside an airconditioned unit, free from the burning sensation of the sun.
So basically what do we usually do in times like this. Oh yes, SLEEP. But sometimes even our sleeping pattern is affected because of the heat. Most of us takes advantage of the climate, we usually spend our days in resorts, in pools where we just want to swim or dive in the water for the sake of refreshment. Top it up with a cold soda or juice to quench our thirst as a result of that warmth feeling. Well each of us has a unique way of making ourselves at ease because of this summer heat as long as it will make us feel relieved and stressed free then that's absolutely fine.
Just some reminders because let's be realistic, this heat, is not healthy for us. We should take precautionary measures to avoid heat-caused injuries or worst heat strokes. First we have to know who are at risk?
1. People who are over 60 years old
2. Pregnant and infant babies
3.People with medical illness ( high blood presuure )

Signs that an individual could be suffering from heat stroke are high temperature, red and hot skin, rapid pulse and dizziness that could lead to faintness.

Of course, there are several ways to prevent heat stroke. The most important is DRINKING 8 glasses of water then Stay cool and keep air circulating around you. Since we don't want to perspire that much, I suggest you to wear light clothing. When leaving your house do not forget to put sun screen lotions as it protects you from the the harmful UV rays that can cause some skin cancers.
Basically that's it, we just have to be very careful and prepared. Let us enjoy summer without getting hurt or getting sick. Thanks for reading my post for today.

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