Music to the EYES.

Frankly speaking, if there is a genre of movie that bores me, it is MUSICAL. Well, I don't know why it gives me a drowsy feeling, that feeling that you could have just watch Eat Bulaga in the television as compared to watching an hour length of Musical movie. Or maybe because it's the song choice. Because you see, I often wonder, instead of having the character say his/her lines in a normal manner, he should sing it instead.
The first musical movie I watched was the Phantom of the Opera. Yes the movie is a bit boring but because all the songs there that was performed in the movie was the songs that were played on our JS (Junior-Senior) Prom. So basically our Prom Dance Instructor asked us to watch the said movie. I had also watched High School Musical several years ago, and it did not struck me. It's an ugly movie, no offense to the fans.

Recently I have watched the movie Les Miserables, a novel written by the genius Victor Hugo. COnsidered as one of the greatest novels in that time. Moving forward with the movie, the movie started with Hugh Jackman's character (Jean Valjean) who was prisoned for several years because he stole a bread for his sister's hungry children then he was given a parole then he broke it and the rest is history. Singing and drama coincides that movie. I believe I slept for almost 30 minutes in the middle of the movie. Which is expected from me since it is a musical.

But guessed what?! There is this one musical movie, I had watch for 3 times already. The movie is fresh, the selection of music is amazing and current so the bottom line is the movie is entertaining. The movie is entitled PITCH PERFECT. The movie is about a girl named Beca ,who was portrayed by Anna Kendrick, forced by his father to go to college and later joined a musical singing group who competes in a musical event with their rival male counterparts.

The movie is funny, well I guess so, since I was never put to sleep. From Kelly Clarkson's popular hit " Since U been Gone" to Sia's "Titanium", the playlist is completely unexceptional. Speaking of Movie OST, I suggest you to watch WARM BODIES, the playlist is superb. I even downloaded all songs included on the movie. I always believe that a good movie should have a good soundtrack. Going back to the movie Pitch Perfect, personally i am hoping for a sequel. I hope there will be one. I truly suggest that you watch Pitch Perfect and maybe you'll also appreciate musical movies. From a hater to a follower. See you next post!


My top 3 FAVE! Music videos of all time.

According to Paul Simon, "Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die". Once we listen to our favorite music, we forget the world around us. It's like creating a world around you. And as the years pass by, a new platform is used to express music and for it to be heard globally, well aside from purchasing music online and buying your favorite artists' album.
It is music in the television. It is exciting and thrilling to see your favorite music in television with a drama, a story , and some artistic representation in a form of music video. I for one has a list of my favorite music videos.

So first on my list is a song coming from Coldplay entitled "The Scientist". I love how the entire video was narrated in reverse way. Plus it is also included in their album A Rush of Blood to the Head Tour which is my favorite Coldplay's album. In 2003, "The Scientist" won multiple MTV Video Music Awards for Best Group Video, Best Direction, and Breakthrough Video.

Second is from a song coming from The Shins. Although the video is about family, the song is actually about a past love. So basically there is no relation with the songs lyrics to it's music video. I love how the music video conveys a very basic lesson on moving forward.

Lastly, my all time favorite music video is Thriller, of course from Michael Jackson. A 13:43 length of music video which gave us total entertainment. I just love this video. It was also voted as the most influential pop music video of all time. And besides, I am a fan of ZOMBIES. So this is realy a fun video to watched for.

So there you have it, you have my list of my all time top 3 music videos. I know you guys out there has their own list. So post what's yours and let's cheers on that. :)

Samsung Galaxy S4 : First look.

To tell you the truth, I became a fan of Samsung mobile devices only last year. I've always been a fan of HTC devices. I mean with the design, the build the quality and innovation, HTC wins but with some unknown reasons I because enthusiastic with Samsung's releases.
My first encounter with Samsung was last July 2012 when I fell in love with the Samsung galaxy S3. I bought the device obviously not for the reason that it is the newest flagship from Samsung that time nor to boast it with everybody. I bought it because my HTC ONE X was stolen from me by some thieves. I obviously don't want to talk about that anymore.
Anyways, Going back with Samsung. Of course before I purchase something especially a major purchase that will eat my savings, i have to do some background check and extensive reviews with the product. That's what i did with the Galaxy S3. Almost all tech sites and forums have been visited and almost all video reviews in Youtube have been watched. I Just love the huge AMOLED display of the S3, the colors are so rich and brilliant.
However, despite being made of similar material, there's no doubt that the HTC One X feels more premium in the hand. Although the One X is actually 3g lighter than the Galaxy S3, it feels a touch weightier, which shows the way texture can affect the way a phone feels in the hand.
Overall the Samsung Galaxy S3 feels superb in the hand. The design is absolute. the features and the speed is superb as comparing Iphone. lol
Then there it is, speculations and rumors about the next big galaxy release was spreading over social sites and forums. Leaks of the supposed to be design of the next Samsung phone spread in the web like it's a hot celebrity scandal. Until a statement coming from Samsung was released and confirms it all. Yes! A new Galaxy phone will be released. And it will be named The Samsung Galaxy S4. So the tech world becme excited, thrilled and fascinated of what will be the Next offering of Samsung to us consumers. Will it be as big as the s3 witll it hold a new processor or will it embody a new camera.
And yes! It was released this March. Well Frankly, I was disappointed. Again it's a plastic, It has the same feel and vibe with the Galaxy S3. The touchWiz interface is the same, it's just feels that I am using the S3 again. However there are a lot of new features that was added. the Smart Pause, Smart scroll which uses your eyes basically and the S health that can measure your pulse rate, yeah I know it's cool.

With it's rival HTC one, Apple Iphone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung did some edgy upgrade to it's camera. Well the rumors are right, The Galaxy S4 holds an amazing 13 megapixel camera. And some new apps and looks on the interface. And there is also an interesting feature which uses your palm to interact your phone, so there is no need to touch the phone.

Well I can say that there is some minor evolution from the s3. So basically there is no WOW factor from me yet. I'm still waiting for it to be launch here in the Philippines.
Credits to: TechRadar.com for the images

Back to Blogging. Bye Tabulas.

Well hello there, fellow bloggers. It's been quite some time when I have posted anything on a blog. But as the saying goes, better late than never. So here I am, once again back on the blogging world. I started blogging back when I was in High School, i believe it was during my 1st year in high school. My friend, Donna Carlos taught me the basic of blogging and the art of graphic designing then surprisingly I got hooked. I started my blogging career at Tabulas.com for the sake of expressing myself in the online world plus some basic reviewing of what's in and what's not during those times. Until last week, I heard that tabulas is already closing its doors. They already shut down the domain.
It's very sad and frustrating. I believe, if my memory serves me right, I had a total of almost 1000 blog entries in tabulas which now is just a piece of memory that was once remembered. Here is a peace of message coming from Tabulas in relation to their shutting down the site.
On Saturday (March 16th), Tabulas turned 10 years old. If Tabulas was a person, he'd be a little 5th grader right now. Incredible. Tabulas is older than Facebook or Twitter - an aging dinosaur in the tech world. Over its 10 year period, about 200,000 of y'all shared over two million posts with one another. I continue to be astounded that somebody other than me used Tabulas. On Sunday evening, I got an email from the current owner of Tabulas notifying me he was shutting down the server within 24 hours. He had been losing interest in running his web properties, and had decided to pull the plug two months ago. When he originally told me this, I took some cautionary steps, including doing a database backup to my internal servers, and ensuring media files were saved. Sunday night, I went into the server to do a final snapshot and found it unresponsive. It looked as if the shutdown took effect much faster than expected. Originally, I assumed I could rely on the automated snapshots to bring the site back, but due to a miscommunication between me and my sysadmin, there was never scheduled backups set-up. That means that last snapshot I have is from December 12th, 2012.

I did love Tabulas, well everything in Tabulas, from my followers to our Bosses. Roy, our big boss in tabulas, has always been the father to that site ever since. But I get him, due to the rise of those social networking sites, some blog sites are forced to shut down. I know how hard it is to maintain a site, trust me!

Moving forward, as I continue my blogging experience here in Blogger, I know there will be more to share, more to hear and more to see from me. And this is only just the beginning as I re-open a new slogan for my blog. I called it M-spot. Simply because I am Manoel Gonzales and I am Manoelster. :)