Back to Blogging. Bye Tabulas.

Well hello there, fellow bloggers. It's been quite some time when I have posted anything on a blog. But as the saying goes, better late than never. So here I am, once again back on the blogging world. I started blogging back when I was in High School, i believe it was during my 1st year in high school. My friend, Donna Carlos taught me the basic of blogging and the art of graphic designing then surprisingly I got hooked. I started my blogging career at Tabulas.com for the sake of expressing myself in the online world plus some basic reviewing of what's in and what's not during those times. Until last week, I heard that tabulas is already closing its doors. They already shut down the domain.
It's very sad and frustrating. I believe, if my memory serves me right, I had a total of almost 1000 blog entries in tabulas which now is just a piece of memory that was once remembered. Here is a peace of message coming from Tabulas in relation to their shutting down the site.
On Saturday (March 16th), Tabulas turned 10 years old. If Tabulas was a person, he'd be a little 5th grader right now. Incredible. Tabulas is older than Facebook or Twitter - an aging dinosaur in the tech world. Over its 10 year period, about 200,000 of y'all shared over two million posts with one another. I continue to be astounded that somebody other than me used Tabulas. On Sunday evening, I got an email from the current owner of Tabulas notifying me he was shutting down the server within 24 hours. He had been losing interest in running his web properties, and had decided to pull the plug two months ago. When he originally told me this, I took some cautionary steps, including doing a database backup to my internal servers, and ensuring media files were saved. Sunday night, I went into the server to do a final snapshot and found it unresponsive. It looked as if the shutdown took effect much faster than expected. Originally, I assumed I could rely on the automated snapshots to bring the site back, but due to a miscommunication between me and my sysadmin, there was never scheduled backups set-up. That means that last snapshot I have is from December 12th, 2012.

I did love Tabulas, well everything in Tabulas, from my followers to our Bosses. Roy, our big boss in tabulas, has always been the father to that site ever since. But I get him, due to the rise of those social networking sites, some blog sites are forced to shut down. I know how hard it is to maintain a site, trust me!

Moving forward, as I continue my blogging experience here in Blogger, I know there will be more to share, more to hear and more to see from me. And this is only just the beginning as I re-open a new slogan for my blog. I called it M-spot. Simply because I am Manoel Gonzales and I am Manoelster. :)

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