Well a blogger should be on the place of bloggers. Honestly speaking i did think 200 times about this move. My transfer to blogger. I am a loyal tabulista, my blog resides at tabulas.com, i have been their faithful and active blogger for the past 4 years, i have posted roughly 200 entries. There, i received numerous of praises, critiques, enemies, friends and lessons in life. I started my career as a graphic designer and a web journalist at tabulas. So of course it's very surprising, that tonight, i am already posting my entry at BLOG SPOT. Why?

I think this very moment is the perfect time to grow, expand and well maybe revolutionize everything, from the entries, to the way i post, to the way i express myself and even the way to better networking. Yeah i know, i already have established my name at TABULAS, making me searchable at google, producing traffics on the web every now and then, But who cares? MAybe this move will make me more competent in such ways, making me more known not only here in ASIA but on the whole world as well. NOBODY KNOWS. That is why I will try my luck here. Pushing my luck into another kind of environment was never easy. New bloggers i have to deal. right?. There are many known good bloggers in this site, that is why i want to be on the circle of the best. SOCIAL climbing it may seem, but hell do i care. I go for the best, FAILURE has no room for me, yes mistake came, but i see to it that those mistakes will never outgrew into a failure.

So let's go the blogging proper, i transfered here to blogger, not to leave tabulas. Because i may sound ingrate to Boss Roy, who manages the said site. I created an account here, to be my REVIEW portal. I want this site to be the country's premier reviewing blog site. Review of what? From food to gadgets, to shows ( local or foreign ), or even the best in the world of entertainment, media, technology and the likes.

This day would mark another history for manoelster. I hope that you my fellow bloggers, readers, friends, and colleagues, support me in this move. Make this page, more meaningful and colorful just like facebook and twitter.lol. Make my blog one of those blogs whom you visited always. You'll never know one day i may earn another award, and of course the reason of that achievement is you. Yes YOU! that's all! GOODNIGHT!

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