Yesterday I bought this book. Well obviously it's a book by Lourd. Well out of curiosity, i went to a bookstore, check on the book and find the cover interesting, that is why I immediately get 195 from my wallet go to the cashier and made a purchase. I didn't read the book at a moment, I just stare at it for a while look on the cover for a couple of minutes and put it on my bag. I wanted to read it, but my shift in the call center company was bout to start. So i decided to read it when I am home. Hours passed. Every single second I know I just wanted to flip the pages of the book, see what's on it and read every word the LOURD has made.
I know for a fact that the articles on the book can be found on the blog of Lourd, yet I wanted to read it with a book. I don't like reading with the internet. And besides tomorrow will be his book signing day, so I guess this would be the perfect timing to buy a book, since tomorrow I guess the bookstore will be filled of those aspirants wanting to read the book and have Lourd signed on it. So tomorrow is a big day, I need to prepare myself, because that would be the moment where I can have a one on one, face to face encounter with Lourd. So for those of you who haven't purchase a copy of this book, well go ahead on your nearest bookstore and buy one NOW. AS in NOW!!!

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